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Durward Matheny
Forensic Document Expert

Durward grew up in Wake Forest, NC.  After graduating from high school, he attended Campbell University and then joined the US Navy.  After completing his service, Durward went to work at the FBI under Director J. Edgar Hoover in the Latent Fingerprint Division.

After five years with the FBI, he took a job at the NC State Bureau of Investigation as a fingerprint expert.  When the bureau’s document examiner retired, Durward was offered the position.  To prepare for the work, he underwent additional training at the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI, the Department of the Treasury and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, all in Washington D.C.

Durward served for two decades as the supervising agent in charge of the North Carolina SBI’s Questioned Documents Division.  After retirement, Durward has continued in private practice focused on document examination and expert testimony.

Durward has worked on numerous high profile cases, was featured in Our State Magazine and has appeared on television including The Forensic Files series episode about the death of Russ Stager by his wife Barbara and ABC’s 20/20 in their investigation into the murder of Faith Hedgepath, a UNC Chapel Hill student.

If you require expert assistance in the area of document examination, Durward is a seasoned professional with unsurpassed experience and credentials to help uncover the truth and support your case.

Durward Matheny
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