Durward’s career spans more than 50 years, focused entirely on evidentiary investigation.  He retired from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation as the Supervising Agent in charge of the Questioned Documents Division and has been in private practice since 1993.


  • United States Secret Service School, Washington, D.C. – Questioned Documents Course
  • United States Department of the Treasury, Washington, D.C. – Handwriting, hand printing, inks, paper examination and comparison and special photography
  • Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. – Summer sessions – handwriting and typewriting examinations and comparisons
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy – Handwriting and typewriting examinations and comparisons
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Lab, Documents Section, Washington, D.C. – Ink examinations, paper examinstions, typewriting examinations and comparisons
  • U.S. Postal Lab, Washington, D.C. – Typewriter examinations
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Atlanta, GA – Photocopy examinations
  • N.C. State Bureau of Investigation Academy, Graduate, UNC-Asheville, 1969


  • United State Department of the Treasury, Washington, D.C. – 2 years
  • N.C. State Bureau of Investigation, Raleigh, NC – September 1966 to April 1993
  • Supervisor of Questioned Documents Section, N.C. State Bureau of Investigation, Raleigh, NC – 1972-1993
  • Qualified and testified in state, federand military courts in NC, SC, VA, FL, and HI
  • Private practice in forensice questioned documents since May 1993
  • Qualified and testified in over 500 cases including high-profile cases: Russell Stager, Velma Barfield, Ike Atkinson, Joann Little and Wilmington Ten.

Related experience

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation – May 1962 to August 1966
  • Document Training Instructor at Salemburg Academy, Salemburg, NC – SBI Academy and Basic Law Enforcement Training
  • Instructed document training at police and sheriff’s departments throughout NC
  • Instructed document training at banking institutions in NC
  • Instructed at the Institute of Government, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Directed accreditation of the SBI Document Section and Document Examiners by The American Society of Crime Lab Directors
Durward Matheny
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